Which wallet is the most suitable depends very much on what it is used for and how you intend to use it. That’s not how you go shopping with a safe in your car. However, a safe is well suited for use at home.

If you have a clear idea of what you need the wallet for and what is important to you, you will find excellent support on bitcoin.org .

f418me. presents a few wallets that have proven themselves for various uses.

hardware wallet

Hardware wallets offer a very high level of security. This is how you keep large amounts.

There are several, including a well-documented Swiss solution, which is highly recommended and with which we have had very good experiences.

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Desktop Wallet / Mobile Wallet

The easiest option is to use a desktop or mobile wallet. However, this is a so-called hot wallet (connected to the Internet), which is not as secure as a hardware wallet.

Blue Wallet

Are you looking for a simple wallet and is it enough for you if Bitcoin is supported? Then the Blue Wallet is your first choice. It exists for iPhone and Android and now even as a desktop wallet for Mac. What is particularly cool is that the Blue Wallet also supports Lightning.


You can find a comprehensive German explanation here .


Do you need a wallet that supports as many other coins as possible in addition to Bitcoin? Then Exodus is an option. It is also possible to connect the desktop wallet to the mobile phone.


You can also find various documentation and instructions for the wallet on the Internet, such as here .

The wallet also offers the possibility to exchange bitcoin into other currencies, however, the exchange rates are unfavorable. So it’s better to do this on an exchange.


No matter what kind of wallet you use, the following must always be observed:

> Before you transfer coins to the wallet, you create a professional backup. Tips on this under Backup .

> Always stick to the important safety precautionsregulate. See under Security .