Pocket - Save in Bitcoin and the amount lands directly in your hardware wallet

Thanks to Bitcoin, saving makes sense again. Those who believe in this technology and its positive effects do not necessarily have to make a huge investment. For most, a savings plan is the most sensible way, because even for absolute professionals it is difficult and often impossible to time the market. Definitely, it is much more relaxing to simply buy Bitcoin at regular intervals for small amounts than to worry about the price fluctuations and try to catch the best moment.

Pocket offers a great solution for someone who wants to buy Bitcoin without having to register with ID. The amount lands directly in your wallet and you are supported with a simple and well-managed process. The procedure is as follows:

> Choice of wallet (the most secure is a hardware wallet like Bitbox02).

> Link wallet

> Sign message with wallet

> Specify data for payment

> Make bank transfer

For advanced users Pocket offers Extended Public Key (XPub) support. One tells Pocket his XPub and thus has the possibility to receive all transactions each time to a new address managed by one’s wallt. However, with this you give away more information and it is therefore important to weigh up whether you want this. The corresponding steps and the idea behind them are described on the website under XPub.

Pocket is a young Swiss Bitcoin startup that aims to make buying Bitcoin as easy as possible.

All info can be found on the website Pocket Bitcoin.