There are now thousands of YouTube videos about Bitcoin. The quality of the content varies greatly. Here are a few exciting movies we recommend:

The journey down the #Bitcoin rabbit hole

German (english subtitles)

Different people show how they got infected by Bitcoin fever and what Bitcoin means to them. Many have only started to think about the monetary system through Bitcoin. It shows in detail the problems of today’s monetary system and how Bitcoin can help to solve problems.

Mystery Satoshi Bitcoin – How it all began

An exciting six-part documentary about the Bitcoin invention and the mysterious inventor.

Are Cryptocurrencies Better Money?

Cryptocurrencies polarize, but what exactly do cryptocurrencies actually want to do better than the euro or the dollar? And where does the money actually get its value from?

Digital currencies are trusted by many people and some even believe that they can solve fundamental problems of our financial system. What’s behind it? And why do economists think that’s nonsense?

In September 2021, El Salvador became the first country in the world to introduce Bitcoin as a legal means of payment. From now on, all companies should also accept the cryptocurrency from their customers in addition to the US dollar.

Bitcoin – A New World Order

Money makes the world go round. But what if the nature of money changes fundamentally? How revolutionary are cryptocurrencies like bitcoin really? A world without national currencies, without central banks, without exchange rates, without inflation – without financial institutions in the familiar sense? A conversation with the ETH computer scientist Roger Wattenhofer and the philosopher Ijoma Mangold about the utopias and dangers of digital gold.