Under Media Library we list websites that offer exciting content, podcasts or blogs about Bitcoin.

German apps

Simple Crypto

Jahrelang sorgfältig recherchierte Inhalte in einer coolen App, damit du alles lernen kannst, was du brauchst, um deine Bitcoin-Reise zu beginnen. Die App konzentriert sich auf das wesentliche und ist in verständlicher Sprache geschrieben. Zusätzlich enthält sie ein Glossar.

German websites

BTC 21

German Bitcoin website that publishes very well-founded and technically good articles on many topics.

Aprycot Media

Sale of Bitcoin books, great blogs and an extremely comprehensive and very good German-language media library.

What Bitcoin brings

Excellent Bitcoin podcast with Niko Jilch interviewing new exciting guests every week.


German YouTube channel that produces good content about current topics on YouTube very promptly.


Community with top content, exciting podcast and the most active bitcoin-only telegram channel.


Excellent blog and podcast.

English sites

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Excellent blog and podcast. The best English-language Youtube videos to understand Bitcoin and the whole ecosystem.

Bitcoin Ressources

Excellent collection of articles, books and podcasts by Gigi.


Getting to the essence of Bitcoin is an art. DerGigi always does an excellent job. In articles, podcasts and books.

Jameson Lopp

Cypherpunk and Bitcoin veteran Jameson Lopp has provided a top collection of Bitcoin knowledge on his website.

Bitcoin is Hope

Very good collection of various bitcoin content by Michael Saylor.

Anita Posch

Great podcast with exciting guests from the founder of Bitcoin for Fairnes.

The What Bitcoin Did Podcast

First class podcast with the most famous bitcoin faces as guests.

Rene Pickardt

Anyone who wants to understand the Bitcoin Lightning network is definitely in the right place on René Pickardt’s YouTube channel.

Bitcoin Magazine

The first and oldest Bitcoin magazine and medium that has existed since 2012 and still provides comprehensive content.