More and more frequently, where you can pay with Bitcoin, you also have the option of paying with Bitcoin Lightning. This is not possible with all normal Bitcoin wallets. 

However, there are already various Bitcoin Lightning wallets. With these, too, the more you want to have everything under control, the more technical it becomes.

Muun Wallet

A very easy-to-use entry-level wallet. For example, recommends the wallet as the first choice for beginners. Particularly noteworthy are the low fees and a well thought-out security and backup concept.

Blue Wallet

Blue is a very good wallet that exists for iPhone and Android and now even as a desktop wallet for Mac. The Blue Wallet supports Lightning and also the normal Bitcoin network. It is very easy to use and you don’t have to bother with technical details.

You will find a comprehensive German explanation  here .

Wallet of Satoshi

Very easy to use wallet. To secure your wallet, you can create an account. This allows you to access the same account on another device.


Phoenix is an advanced self-custodial wallet. You have complete control over the keys.

Insight into your channels and you can use various lighting-specific options that a simple beginner’s wallet does not offer.