Where does the name f418.me come from?

f418 is the beginning of the transaction hash of the first bitcoin transaction. Cryptography expert Hal Finney received 10 Bitcoins from Satoshi Nakamoto on January 12, 2009. This gave rise to the idea for the f418.me brand.


Why does f418.me focus only on Bitcoin and not on other cryptocurrencies?

Since Bitcoin was invented it has been copied thousands of times. New solutions have also emerged that have been under development for several years and the financial resources of some of these projects are partially in the billions. For f418.me the biggest and most important blockchain project is still Bitcoin. The reason for this is that it already solves real problems for the population group that has no possibility to have a bank account. Bitcoin is also undoubtedly the most secure and most decentralised cryptocurrency.
Anyway, if you want to get to know cryptocurrencies it is worth understanding Bitcoin first.


What makes Bitcoin so unique?

Apart from the copies of Bitcoin the newly created cryptocurrencies are controlled and financed by companies or foundations. Therefore, these cryptocurrencies are more like a kind of stock. Bitcoin is unique because it does not belong to anyone and there is no central authority taking care of its further development.


Does f418.me really not earn any money from product recommendations?

Yes, we consciously refrain from any participation in affiliation and referral programs.