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Risks of Using Bitcoin

This website is not responsible for any loss, damage or claim that may arise from using and investing in Bitcoin. In particular, but not exclusively, for the following events:

(1) User errors when using bitcoin/cryptocurrency software or services, such as forgetting passwords, making payments to the wrong address, or accidentally deleting wallets.

(2) Software problems of the Website and/or any cryptocurrency software or service, such as corrupted wallet files, improperly constructed transactions, insecure cryptographic libraries and malware affecting the Website and/or cryptocurrency software or service.

(3) Technical failure of the user’s hardware or any cryptocurrency software or service, e.g. data loss due to a faulty or damaged storage device.

(4) Security issues a user has encountered with any cryptocurrency software or service, e.g. unauthorized access to user’s wallets or accounts.

(5) Actions or inactions by third parties as well as incidents at third parties, e.g. insolvency of service providers, attacks on the IT systems of service providers and fraud by third parties.

investment risks

Investing in Bitcoin can result in a loss of money over short or long periods of time. Investors should expect large price fluctuations. The information on this website cannot guarantee that investors will not lose money.

Communication via email

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