Buying Bitcoins is possible in many different ways. In any case, it is worth finding out about the fees. Some of them are very different.



Anyone who has the feeling that investing in Bitcoin is cumbersome and tedious will be disabused thanks to Relai. It has never been easier and less complicated to acquire bitcoins:

> download app

> App automatically creates a wallet on the end device

> Bank transfer to the account number provided by Relai

Relai is directly connected to an established Swiss crypto broker to ensure immediate trading. In addition, the facilities are secured with a unique cryptographic method. You only have to be verified as a Relai user if you want to buy Bitcoin for more than CHF 1,000. At no time does Relai have access to your money.

Relai is a great Swiss startup and like a bitcoin ATM, but digital. 

Use the code F418 for particularly favorable conditions.



And again very simple. If you don’t want to install an app but want to receive Bitcoin directly into your wallet, Pocket is the perfect partner.

> Choose wallet

> Choose how you want to be informed

> Bank transfer or standing order to the account number specified by Pocket

Pocket is a young Swiss Bitcoin startup that aims to simplify the purchase of Bitcoin massively. Du wirst Schritt für Schritt durch den Prozess geführt und kannst pro Tag für bis zu 900 CHF Bitcoin kaufen.

Bitcoin vending machine

Bitcoin ATMs are also an easy way to exchange Swiss Francs for Bitcoin. You get a coupon with the private key on it, which you can use to access the coins. Bitcoin ATMs are the easiest way to buy Bitcoins anonymously.

There are various Bitcoin machines in Switzerland.

Bitcoin vending machine card

Gift card Cryptonow

You can now buy gift cards from in the Manor or at the kiosk.
This is a very easy way to buy bitcoins.


Bity is a Swiss bitcoin broker. You can enter a bitcoin address and then have bitcoins transferred to this address by bank transfer. The service also works for other cryptocurrencies and you can also sell your cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Suisse

In Switzerland, Bitcoin Suisse is certainly one of the absolute top contact points for trading and purchasing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. However, the minimum deposit is CHF 100,000.


Bitpanda is an Austrian platform specializing in cryptocurrency trading. In addition to bank transfers, a purchase with a credit card is also possible.


Kraken is an American crypto exchange that has been around since the very beginning. In addition to a bank transfer, purchasing with a credit card is also possible on Kraken. However, like everywhere else, the fees when buying with a credit card are much higher.

Kraken is the preferred crypto exchange of


Always activate two-factor authentication on crypto exchanges. This ensures that you need a second time-limited code in addition to the password. As a rule, this is ensured with the Google Authenticator.

Keep the recovery phrase safe (do not make it accessible to anyone).

Large amounts are not kept on the stock exchange, but in a wallet for which you have the private keys.