Lacertas is an unusual and unconventional consulting and implementation boutique with years of hands-on experience in the banking, fintech and technology environment.

Among other things, Lacertas also offers advice in the field of crypto currencies and specializes in particular in the introduction of crypto payment solutions for SMEs.

Marc Steiner Bitcoin Advice

As an independent Bitcoin consultant and author of “Bitcoins Keeping and Inheriting”, Marc offers various ways to benefit from the decentralized financial world around Bitcoin.

From building sound knowledge to investing safely and easily to training. For those who would like to work with Marc, it is best to contact him for a free initial consultation on his website.

Bitcoin Mentoring GmbH


The goal of Bitcoin-Mentoring GmbH is to accompany you safely through the Bitcoin Space. To build a good foundation and to train up to the self-responsible person or company, i.e. HODLers. Bitcoin-Mentoring GmbH offers various courses in the areas of blockchain, hardware wallets, investment and lightning.